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worlds first inflatable e-foil upgrade system

Continuing the studies of the Evolo Project of the "Royal institute of technology, KTH, Stockholm" from 2009 it was our effort to develop a multi purpose hydrofoil that can fly over water with just 1kw power consumption.
Further achievements are:
- inflateable/easy transportable SUP-Foil stiff enough to take the high loads and momentums of the Foilmast, and use it as   SUP or Windsurf Foil too
 This plug&play motor unit to upgrade your board to an e-foil is starting from 2500€ and will make your e-foil dream possible soon!
For further information contact us via e-mail e-foil@elevate.rocks


 Watch how easy the  eLeVATEADD-ON System works!


efoil inflatable
Ecofoil inflatable

inflatable board with waterproof elox box for battery and electronic inside.

Allthough e-foil add on system can be attached to any boards on the market an inflatable with special characteristics of efoil was designed, to achieve better handling characteristics, and easy transport.

With a packing size of only 80x30x10cm and only 6kg of weight, It fits in every trunk and is pumped up and attached to the propulsion-unit in under 5 minutes.!


waterpoof remote control with colour displayfor batteries and power

-wireless charging

-colour display
-with safety belt and maintains boyancy
-with Cruise control function
-automatic shutoff
-battery lasts for 15hours

   waterproof remote
AddOn System

-Waterproof unit in high quality CNC alloy design can produce about 80kg thrust at 4kw however it is electronically limited to about 2,5kw as this is plenty of power to get your efoil to about 40km/h
-Unique efficiency in Foil-mode with about 900-1200W at 20kmh
- max speed of about 40km/h at 2,5kw. (High power version up to 5kw available too for speeds>50km/h).
-Propeller duct design for additional safety.
-total weight 9kg. 


  Plug & Play set as a drive unit complete with mast and mounting plate ready to screw on any board  and almost all foils on the market like Moses, Slingshot, Zeeko, GongFoil, Takuma, Horue, Fanatic, Naish, Levitaz but others are also possible.

  Elevate Upgrade Motor

AddonSystem underwater

Perfect hydrodynamic optimization of the drive reduced the induced drag, and due to a microprocessor engine controller, flights with less than 1kw of power are possible now.
That equals to approximately the  power of modern MTB ebikes.
As a result, flights above water with more than 1 hour duration are possible, even with small, inexpensive batteries (300€)
Thus in the future chargin with innovative photovoltaic cells will be achievable!

  perfect carbonfibre Hydrofoils optimized for e-foil are available from www.rlboards.com
Just send an email  to  info@rlkite.com and ask for e-foil wings (~399€) or most gongsup.com foils work fine too!



Plug&Play  Impeller Jet Unit under development

Together with the leading company for dive thrusters "scubajet", we are developping an autonomus impellerjet for use on an efoil. The first test were successful and we expect to have it ready by 2020, wich would make the system the most easy and transportable plug&play e-surf system in the world.

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